OpenText Website Management (WSM)

OpenTextâ„¢ is the recognised global market leader in providing Enterprise Content Management solutions, supporting millions of users in 114 countries. With an established reputation for quality software and services that bring together people, processes and information, the OpenText ECM Suiteâ„¢ is continuing to develop and to meet current and future needs around efficiency, innovation and compliance.

McRaaN has 10 years of experience in designing, building, implementing and supporting Opentext ECM Solutions.

We understand that implementing and operating an ECM system is not just about technical skills, but also about alignment with business requirements and establishing an on-going model for support of the technology, the processes it enables and the people who will use it.

The ECM journey typically starts with an idea, a thought or a need around one or more specific area of a business. From that idea or need starts a journey as similar requirements or needs are recognised in other parts of the business and the value of true Enterprise Content Management becomes apparent.

Open Text Web Development

To take advantage of the opportunities this provides, you need a partner that has been there, done that and who is capable of delivering the complete range of design, implementation and support services these projects require. (By working with McRaaN our clients gain access to an organisation that understand this and is committed to ensuring OpenText implementations are successful and deliver the benefits our clients seek.) OR

(Our deep understanding of the strengths and capabilities of Livelink and ability to integrate the product into existing business systems have helped our customers save thousands of dollars and countless hours. Ultimately, our customers are able to fully leverage the benefits of Livelink allowing them to maximize the return on their investment.)

Our strengths and successes in Livelink Consulting lie in:

  • ECM Strategy development and implementation
  • System Design and Implementation
  • Livelink Business Process Automation
  • Customizations using OScript
  • Livelink Application Programming Interface (LAPI)
  • Custom developed solutions to extend and enhance Livelink functionality
  • End User training